Home, Auto and Life Insurance can play a big part in your overall protection plan. It is there to “make you whole” when you really need it but, should insurance be the only part of your protection plan? While protection such as insurance is very important, the best form of protection is prevention! What simple […]

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5 Tips to Reduce your Car Insurance Costs

how to reduce insurance costs

Being proactive is the beginning of saving costs on your insurance rates. Know what discounts are available to you and ask for those that apply to you. Here are 5 tips to reduce your car insurances costs as low as possible.To Reduce your Car Insurance Costs here’s Tip #1: BundleWhile some insurers may specialize in […]

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Five Common Car Insurance Myths

Here are five common car insurance myths about car insurance rates — about what’s covered and what drives up insurance costs. It’s important to understand fact from fiction about your car insurance so you can monitor your annual rates.A quick vote around SMK Insurance about the number one of all car insurance myths is: “If […]

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Could You be Guilty of Child Endangerment?

Attractive nuisance

Children need protection—special protection. They’re naturally curious and they aren’t yet aware of potentially dangerous situations. Society has acknowledged these facts with special laws to protect them. This is especially important to remember as a homeowner because your property and the things you’ve placed on it could unwittingly be responsible for drawing children toward danger. […]

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