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"We were pleased that SMK suggested an accident-forgiveness endorsement on our policy. We're more pleased we haven't needed it!"

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10 things you MUST know to protect yourself after an accident.

Whether you need insurance quotes for your home, car or travel,
SMK Insurance is your local broker with national connections.

We’re proud to say that SMK has dedicated staff, many of whom have been with the firm for well over a decade.

Each brings many years of experience to our clients and this knowledge translates into a long list of satisfied clients who remain with SMK because of one-to-one service we offer. This customer satisfaction is reflected in our A+ rating with the BBB since 1997. We take pride in offering prompt and accurate insurance quotes. Call 902.429.7722 today or use our handy online form.

Owned and operated since 1985 by Steve Kimball, SMK Insurance offers the neighbourhood feel of a local company with all the benefits of a national brokerage. To you this means that you will find the best insurance products and services available anywhere in Canada in a welcoming atmosphere.

This customer satisfaction is reflected in our A+ rating with the BBB since 1997.Contact us by phone or email and we'll provide you with the same attention to detail. If we ask about your other insurance purchases, it is only to ensure that you're receiving any discounts available to you.If you're looking for a friendly and experienced insurance broker in Halifax Dartmouth, you've come to the right place.

We don't oversell. 

That's our promise to you. We'll provide you with exactly the insurance that meets your needs today and be ready to adapt your policy as your needs change.


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five common car insurance myths
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