Choosing Car Insurance, is Like Choosing a Date – SMK Insurance

Why did I write that choosing car insurance is like choosing a date?

I  know it has something to do with how like a good mate, insurance must change with you in the future. For a second there I had a few similarities between the two but, I’ll admit, it’s been a very long time since I dated – and no! – not because I’m an insurance broker making me too dull to garner a date. I happen to have married my last date a goodly number of years ago.

As I recall though, when you agree to a date it’s because of the promise of a meaningful relationship – one that suits your life – your needs at that time, but one that will also be flexible to change with you in the future. See where I’m going with this?

Vehicle owners know that you can’t drive without car insurance. That’s the law, plain and simple. And although sometimes we begrudge the monthly or annual cost of auto insurance, intellectually we know that it’s there for our protection and to protect those we share the road with.

But all car insurance packages are not created equally. Nor should they be.

Here’s where I’ll begin to connect dating with choosing car insurance. Wish me good luck.

When you’re just starting out and have bought your first used car, the amount of car insurance you need should correlate to the general age and condition of your vehicle. My suggestion in this situation is to request many quotes from many companies because you don’t want to overpay.

Like a date for Friday night, your car insurance should match your current lifestyle. Conventional wisdom tells us that it’s not prudent to invite the lord or lady of the manor to the local bowling tourney. We generally date those who share a similar lifestyle.


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As your circumstances change, you get your first apartment and tenant insurance, and you upgrade that vehicle and match your insurance coverage. Is it too weak a premise that you could draw a parallel between you and your love interest now being exclusive?

Going further down that path, you two lovebirds have decided you’re in it for life. Side by side. All the way.

You buy your first home and, naturally, the appropriate home owners insurance. Then you insure your small business, and you purchase and cover a second vehicle. Next up is a cottage. A larger house as the family grows…

We’ve come a long way from the idea that choosing car insurance is like choosing a date but I hope you get the picture. Flexibility to meet changing needs like a good mate.

Here at SMK Insurance, we have multi-policy discounts, experienced driver discounts, short commute discounts and claims free discounts. We’re also able to offer many clients an accident-forgiveness endorsement on their policy.

Your needs are individual. To ensure you’re getting the best price you can on all your insurance needs, speak to your broker. First thing, tell her or him about all the types of insurance you currently have.

Never forget that multi-policy discounts and any other discounts you’re entitled to can mean quite a saving over the course of a year.

I know that in every blog I write: Speak to your broker. Become a person to him or her and not a merely policy number. Chances are it won’t ever be a date but it could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.