Are there any insurance discounts? - SMK Insurance

Are there any insurance discounts?

Yes! Yes, there are certainly insurance discounts through SMK Insurance. Not all people qualify for all discounts, of course, but all reputable insurers should be in a position to offer their clients discounts when they meet certain criteria. 

At SMK, for example, our insurers provide numerous discounts which can help lower our clients’ premiums while offering the security of being among the largest and most stable insurance companies in Canada. We think of ourselves as a local company with national connections.

To name a few, we have:  

  • multi-policy discounts — better known as bundling, this means that one company insures all of your vehicles and your home and any other policies like a cottage or boat etc.
  • experienced driver discounts, 
  • short commutes and,
  • claims free discounts

Like SMK, others should be happy to review your policy and make sure you are receiving all the discounts that are available to you. Keep in mind, that a brokerage like ours may also offer you a flexible payment plan to assist you with your purchases. And we always like to remind people that switching to SMK is hassle free. We do all the work.