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When you’re shopping for the best price for Home Insurance Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford remember you can save by bundling so be sure to inform us of all your insurance purchases -- from your house, condominium or apartment, cottage, or other vacation home, to your automobiles, RVs and | or trailer. If you have insurance on your business, mention that as well. Bundling can reduce costs and give you the best price on home insurance.

Equipped with the complete picture of your insurance needs, you will be a prime candidate to reap the financial savings that come with multi-policy ownership.


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Purchasing home insurance is always the most important step in protecting what will likely be the largest investment of your life—buying a house. 

Finding the right home insurance to protect your investment is something you both need and want.

But how does it work and what about cost?

Insurance companies consider a range of factors in determining the cost of your home insurance policy. They will want to know things like the location of your home, whether it has an alarm system and what your heating system is, among other things. The cost of your policy will also be affected by how much coverage you need and what type of coverage you want.

When you contact your broker keep in mind the factors that will affect the cost of your policy:

  • The location of your property
  • How close your home is it to a fire hall or fire hydrant
  • Whether your home has an alarm system
  • What type of  heating system you have
  • Your claims history
  • How much coverage you need
  • Type of coverage

Your broker will advise you on what is the best coverage for you.  They can help determine the best price for home insurance and balance the coverage you need with the cost you can afford. That’s why it is so important to have the right broker.

At SMK Insurance, we feel getting our clients all their policies at the best rates with the appropriate discounts is a point of professional pride. 

With the right broker you can be confident that you will get the right policy at the best cost.

Did you know that SMK Insurance has a number of discounts that contribute to you getting the best price for Home Insurance Halifax?

bundle your insurance needs and save

They can apply to people whose home:
- Is mortgage free
- Is a non-smoking residence
- Has had a home evaluation
- Is serviced by electric heat
- Remains claims free
- Has an alarm system
- Is a newer home

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