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Searching for car insurance Halifax?

You’ve come to right place.

To get the best price from SMK on your car Insurance, it’s important to let us prepare a quote on your complete Insurance requirements. We offer Multi-Policy Discounts that can save you some of your hard-earned money on an annual basis. Tell us if you own more than one vehicle, an RV or trailer, a home, a cottage, a business, tell us about anything you have insured now. We can apply this knowledge directly toward your discounted multi-policy price.

Car Insurance Halifax Video Tips  | Loaning Your Car

If you’re shopping for car insurance for a High-Risk Driver, SMK Insurance will be happy to put a quote together for you. No worries.

Did you know that when it comes to auto insurance, SMK offers a number of discounts that we may be able to pass on to you?

  • Some of the Auto Insurance Discounts you may be eligible for:
  • Multi-vehicle discount;
  • Experienced driver discount;
  • Short commute discount; and,

With a Premium Protection policy, you might be eligible for accident forgiveness.

Car Insurance 101. Know these Basics to Get the Car Insurance that Fits You.

If you depend on a car to get around then car insurance is important to you. When you choose an insurance policy you want one that meets your needs. The problem is not all coverages fit every person.

A car insurance policy is a simple contract between you and an insurance company. You, the policy holder, pay a certain amount (called a premium) to the insurance company in exchange for a set of coverages you select. Your policy then states what is covered.

Steve Kimball, President of SMK Insurance says, “It is really is important that you understand your policy so that there are no unpleasant surprises in the event of an accident or claim.” And he’s right.

Car Insurance Halifax Video Tip - Car Insurance Basics

Car Insurance Halifax Video Tip - What does car insurance cover?

Here are some basic facts to make sure you get what's right for you:

#1 Mandatory Insurance Coverage is The Law

Minimal Liability Insurance is mandatory. You can add extra protection and raise your liabilities if you choose but the law determines the minimum coverage you must have:

· Third Party Liability

coverage for both any losses you might cause others to suffer and to protect you in case you are in accidents caused by uninsured and/or unidentified motorists

· Accident Benefits

coverage for your own medical expenses and loss of income resulting from driving-related injuries

#2 Collision and Comprehensive Coverage are Optional by Law

There is additional coverage that you can choose to cover you for damages to your car and for things like theft and vandalism but these are voluntary and not required by law. Consider:

· Collision

coverage for damage to your car resulting from a car accident

· Comprehensive

protection against theft, vandalism and other perils

#3 Lending Institutions Have Insurance Requirements of Their Own

If you owe on your vehicle, the lender will likely require you to hold both collision and comprehensive coverage as part of your financial arrangement – just until the last payment is made. After that, the decision is yours.

Car insurance is not one size fits all. Once you understand the basics you can speak to your insurance company or broker and determine the coverage you need. As an expert in car insurance in Halifax Dartmouth, President of SMK Insurance, Steve Kimball is contacted often to provide advice and comparable quotes. He reminds us, “It is important that you speak to an insurance broker to determine how much liability, accident benefits and physical damage coverage you should include in your car insurance policy as well as what deductibles you are comfortable carrying.”

Owned and operated since 1985 by Steve Kimball, SMK Insurance offers the neighbourhood feel of a local company with all the benefits of a national brokerage. For top notch customer service and to find the best insurance products and services available anywhere in Canada go to:

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