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Do you have more to lose?
The rewards that come with success and achievement could make you and your family more vulnerable to lawsuits – and financial losses. In today’s world, both the frequency of lawsuits and the size of court awards are increasing dramatically. More often, defendants are finding that their primary insurance policy’s liability coverage just isn’t enough to cover these costs.

As an insurance broker, SMK has the exact solution for this problem. For a low annual premium, SMK can offer a Personal Umbrella Insurance that will supplement the liability coverage provided by your primary policies by up to $5 million.

It provides extraordinary protection for your family’s financial security – and gives you the peace of mind you need to get the most out of life, wherever you and your family roam.

To be eligible for the Personal Umbrella policy you must already have standard insurance policies for your property and automobile.

Do you need Personal Umbrella Insurance?
There are several circumstances where having extra liability insurance can prove to be a wise investment. If you…

- have assets greater than the limits of your basic residential insurance policy,
- own a residential rental property,
- travel to or own property in foreign countries,
- participate in amateur sports,
- volunteer with a non-profit organization…