What is Blackbelt Protection?

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How Blackbelt Protection can benefit you.

  • You Can Save Money
    At SMK Insurance you can reduce costs and, over a year, save substantially  when we handle all of your insurance needs. That's because we can broker the best deal for your bundle. Give us a call and ask about our payment plans.
  • Buy Local with National Benefits
    SMK Insurance is owned and operated by people who live and work in this community. That means your agent welcomes your calls. But SMK has connections across the country and we apply our national reach to bring you the best coverage at the best prices.
  • Get the Discounts Owed to You
    At SMK Insurance, we're willing and able to build you a policy tailored to meet your needs --and that means applying any and all of the auto and home insurance discounts owed to you. Call us and let's talk specifics.
  • Switching is Hassle Free 
    Don't be discouraged from getting the best price on the insurance you need because it's too much work. We'll make sure you're covered but we don't oversell! AND when you choose SMK Insurance switching is hassle free. We do all the work!

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We’re proud to say that SMK has dedicated staff, many of whom have been with the firm for well over a decade. Each brings many years of experience to our clients and this knowledge translates into a long list of satisfied clients who remain with SMK because of one-to-one service we offer. This customer satisfaction is reflected in our A+ rating with the BBB since 1997. We take pride in offering prompt and accurate insurance quotes.